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X-TEND: Teens Encouraging New Direction

The X-TEND Program provides the Middle School student an opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment with High School students empowering them in the life skills that help them lead healthy and happy lives.


The X-TEND Mentoring program began in the fall of 2000 to provide select middle school students with an opportunity to be matched with a high school student mentor. Through this mentoring relationship the student learns important life skills and is given direction in planning their future. Over the past several years many students have enjoyed the benefits of this program and are now demonstrating some true leadership in school as well as taking control of their own lives.


The high school mentor is a person who cares and is willing to listen to the young student's thoughts, feelings and concerns. With training in communication, decision making, asset building, goal setting and other associated leadership skills, mentors promote personal growth, problem solving, and proactive decision-making through caring relationships with middle school students.  Throughout the year the teen mentors plan weekly programs focused on developmental assets. From topics like reading for pleasure, family support, conflict resolution, decision making and healthy living.
To apply for participation in the program you will need to fill out a mentor application.  Click here.


The middle school student (mentee) learns about the life skills that he/she needs to grow in self-esteem and personal power.  Those choosing to participate, will be expected to attend regular monthly sessions held at the high school from 3:00pm till 5:00pm the second Thursday of every month from September through May.  Mentees are referred by teachers and counselors.  Students who are confronting personal challenges that may include academics, social and emotional issues are often recommended for this program.  You must qualify and apply for participation in this program, talk to your school counselor to find out how.




X-Tend Co-Directors:

Amber Kish  

OAYA Caseworker


Paul Leming
OAYA Board Member


Lori McGraw
unity Education Services











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