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LIV ON Athletic Scholarship

OAYA is proud to work with the Long family to honor the memory of their precious daughter Olivia with the LIV ON Athletic Scholarship Program.  Olivia loved playing volleyball and other sports.  Athletics had an incredibly positive impact on Olivia's life so her family would like to support other young women in their love and passion of sports with the hope that they can experience all the benefits participation in athletics can bring as well.  Lake Orion girls in grades K-8 who are experiencing economic hardship can qualify for one scholarship per year of up to $100 that can be used towards athletic programming.  The scholarships can cover Pay to Play fees at the Middle School or fees for leagues, camps, or training opportunities.   Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funds run out for the school year. 

​If you  would like to donate to the LIV On Athletic Scholarship Program, you may do so using the adjacent link for a Pay Pal donation (please note LIV ON scholarship as the designation) or contact us at for alternate ways to donate.


Olivia Long

The LIV On Athletic Scholarship has been created to remember and honor the life of Olivia Long and support young women interested in gaining confidence and camaraderie through sports. Olivia was a member of the Lake Orion 2018 State Championship Volleyball team.  After graduating from LO in 2019, she attended MSU to study Communications and was a member and captain of the varsity Women’s Rowing team.  Olivia loved volleyball and rowing, gained confidence by being a part of a team, and understood the impact of making everyone feel included. Since her unexpected passing in August 2021, her friends and family are reminded daily to “Liv On” (oLIVia lONg) and carry forward her dedication, positive outlook and desire to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome.
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