Youth Recognition

The Orion Area Youth Assistance sponsors an annual Youth Recognition Awards Ceremony. The purpose of this event is to identify outstanding school-aged youth from the Orion Community who have volunteered or have made great positive changes in their lives. Youth who have helped an individual, an organization, or have performed a heroic deed without compensation may be nominated for our Community Service Award. This does not include academic excellence, athletic involvement, or required service learning hours for graduation.  We want to recognize youth for their special efforts above and beyond any program requirements.  Additionally, this year we are also recognizing students who have demonstrated a dramatic positive change in attitude or behavior, overcome a significant obstacle (health, family situation, etc.), or have made a strong, positive academic turnaround with our new category of Personal Achievement Awards.

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to schedule an in-person award ceremony this year. However, OAYA has partnered with Orion Neighborhood Television to record and produce our ceremony to be viewed on our Facebook page. Date to be determined.


Please reflect over the past year and consider nominating any youth who meet criteria for either of these award categories.


The nominee must be a resident of Lake Orion or attend Lake Orion Schools. We ask you to please notify the youth that they are being nominated for one of these special awards and why you have chosen to nominate them. The Youth Assistance Committee will screen all nominations received and will contact those receiving awards.


Download the nomination form here and return it by the due date listed on the form.  If you have any questions, please email us at oaya@lok12.org or call the OAYA office at 248-693-6878. 


Thank you for your continued support of our programs,


Lisa Gdowski, OAYA Office Manager


A Special Thanks to some of our past event sponsors: