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Orion Area Youth Assistance (OAYA) is seeking nominations for youth for our 30th Annual Youth Recognition Awards. We are excited to plan an in person ceremony to celebrate our Award Winners. Date and location are to be determined based on the number of awards we present that evening.


We are also excited to have a new nomination category this year, the Good Citizen Award, in addition to our two previous categories, Personal Achievement and Community Service.


The Good Citizen Award recognizes a student who may have traditionally "flown under the radar" with respect to awards. These students demonstrate consistent behaviors that contribute to a kind, accepting, and inclusive environment in their classrooms, school, or other community groups. We are looking for students who you would characterize as kind, empathetic, helpful, friendly, and/or inclusive. These are the types of students who would invite a friend to join the group or stand up for a student who is ostracized.


The Personal Achievement Award is for youth that have demonstrated a dramatic positive change in attitude or behavior, overcome a significant obstacle (health, family situation, etc.), or have made a strong, positive academic turnaround.


For the Community Service Award, we are seeking youth (or you may nominate a group of youth for a group award) who have a passion for volunteering and have exceeded your expectations in volunteering at school, church, or community organizations. Examples include assisting seniors or persons with disabilities, working with younger students who need support, and leading or organizing extracurricular activities or community events. Hours counted toward the LOHS community service graduation requirement or other community organization service requirements are not eligible. That being said, a student who goes above and beyond required number of hours is certainly a worthy candidate.


The nominee must be a resident of Lake Orion or attend Lake Orion Schools. We ask you to please notify the youth that they are being nominated for one of these special awards and why you have chosen to nominate them. The Youth Recognition Committee will screen all nominations received and will contact those receiving awards.

Download the nomination form here and return it by March 10, 2023.  If you have any questions, please email us at or call the OAYA office at 248-693-6878. 

Thank you for your continued support of our programs,

Lisa Gdowski, OAYA Office Manager

A Special Thanks to some of our past event sponsors:

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